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Geotechnical Sales Specialist

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Description/Job Summary

Job description
This is a key position in Atlas Copco’s strategic expansion within the foundation industry. The role is responsible for developing existing and new customer relationships. You are responsible for generating sales and rental activity which will be serviced and supported by Company Stores.  You will involve and work closely with Company Store personnel and Product Managers/Specialists for consumables, grouting equipment and compressors to secure full Atlas Copco representation on job sites.
The mission for this position is to establish Atlas Copco as the preferred supplier to the Geotechnical Market through delivery of high quality customer service and ensuring that the customer’s expectations are met every time. It is your responsibility to secure market leading share of Geotechnical Equipment, Consumables and Service in Foundation and Infrastructure applications in the Mountain / Midwest sections of the United States.

Main areas of responsibilities
  1. Grow Hütte Drill, Geotechnical Consumables and Tooling, Large Diameter Drilling Systems, Grouting Equipment, Parts and Service sales.
  2. Develop sales on a direct basis in some areas and support store sales representatives in other areas as directed by Geotechnical Product/Business Development Manager.
  3. Develop and implement appropriate activities to achieve sales and growth targets.
  4. Develop and maintain positive relationships with established customers through close management of accounts and attention to their needs.
  5. Assess and define customer applications so that the correct product can be offered.Ensure integrity in the application of the products.
  6. Assist other sales representatives or management team members as required, including training or shared projects with other customers
  1. Ensure superior customer product support by working closely with Service Managers, Product Line Managers and Administration.
  2. Plan, organize and administer product demonstrations and technical sales seminars as required.
  3. Support and assist fellow employees so that they can grow their knowledge base of, and comfort level with, geotechnical equipment and consumables.
  4. Manage and participate actively in new machine startups training additional service personnel along the way to provide more skilled technicians to perform future startups.
  5. Manage and help solve ongoing technical issues with key customers, and follow up to insure key issues are solved completely.
  6. Collaborate with customers to find innovative solutions to product performance or reliability issues.
  7. Serve as a positive role model to other employees by providing prompt and accurate information when called upon.
  1. Provide Business Development Manager and Store Managers with timely updates on business activity and actions required to further the business.
  2. Provide monthly forecasts and opportunities updates to Business Development and Store Managers.
  3. Provide feedback to the Business Development Manager on all matters relating to product deficiencies and product development needs.
  4. Participate in equipment shows and association meetings.
  5. Have well developed working relationships with the key decision-makers at the factories and with colleagues in sister companies in other countries.
  6. Share knowledge with colleagues and actively work to raise the competence level of the group.
Training & Skill Development
  1. Maintain a high level of product and product application knowledge.
  2. Possess a thorough understanding of machine functions and systems.
  3. Trouble-shoot equipment in their applications and all associated tools.
  4. Participate in sales meetings & sales training.
  5. Encompass a good understanding of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Word
  1. Prepare and submit quotations and negotiate sales contracts in accordance with company guidelines.
  2. Discretionary price setting within established limits.
  3. Discretionary flexibility in regards to travel and entertainment in accordance with overall company policy and budget.
The position reports to the Geotechnical Product/Business Development Manager who has overall responsibility for developing Atlas Copco’s Geotechnical effort in the United States.

Experience requirements
We are looking for an experienced professional with a proven track record in the geotechnical or civil construction industry. You should have knowledge in areas related to civil engineering / foundation projects and a background in sales and application of foundation drills and related products.

Educational requirements
You have a university degree - technically and/or commercially oriented. We also expect you to have good knowledge of basic mechanical systems and sufficient computer skills to compile and analyze information and reports.

Atlas Copco Core Competencies and personal skills
We are looking for a dynamic and result oriented person able to achieve long-term sustainable relations with customers. You have mindset to work cooperatively with other employees in a spirit of teamwork to address problem areas and stimulate aftermarket sales. You will safeguard the assets of the company in general and reveal no information to competitors or outside parties, which could be harmful to our business. You use the budgeted resources available to you in the most cost-effective way for promoting the company’s business and always promote a positive working environment both with co-workers and customers.

We are looking for an experienced professional with a proven track record of developing a market by using territory management and key customer management.  You must be able to establish close working relationships with customers to understand their business, aspirations and project pipeline.
You should understand and be able to communicate the financial advantages to different methodology or product.  Experience in the Geotechnical market is an advantage.

Country and city description
The position is based in the Mountain / Midwest United States.
This position will require overnight travel.  Travel is expected to be conducted as needed, including possibly on weekends and holidays.


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Atlas Copco is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.